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Piru Technology Advisory Council
Meeting Minutes

Wednesday January 23, 2001
6:30 to 8:00 p.m.
Piru Library


Charlie Losoya Young - DLT Project Coordinator, RAIN Network
Lou Detwiler - Teacher, Piru School
Chris Pavik - Teacher, Piru School
Cindy Escoto - Librarian, Piru Library
Stefanie Acosta Piru Nieghborhood Council
Victoria Lopez - Community Youth
Eleazan Lopez - Community Youth
Sofia Lopez - Community Youth
Javier Hurtado - Community Youth
Pete Hurtado - Community Youth
Sean McCoy - Community Youth
Eric Talley - Community Youth
Yolanda Mejia - Community Youth
Juana Buerra - Community Youth

- Meeting Agenda -

1) Review of last CTAC meeting and issues discussed

2) Initial council agenda items: Lou Ditweiler introduced Charlie Young as the new DLT representative to the Piru CTAC council.

3) Outreach for a Piru Technology Master Family - Previous attendee, Ms. Lopez unable to make the meeting. She is attending night school in order to qualify for her teaching credentials. Mr. Young will contact Susan to schedule a time, preferably on a Saturday to deliver the computer. Lou Detweiler will make a list of other individual families that are interested in the Technology Master Family.

Additional requests for Ms. Acosta of the Neighborhood Council recommended computers in different locations indicated that the Boys and Girls club has a lot of youth, and families who are active at the facility. However, to warehouse the computers there would not be feasible because of security concerns. The Sheriffs station had offered their facility for about ten computers. This would be readily accessible to the community. Security would not be a concern.

Telephone lines are an issue. The need for additional hookups for Internet accessibility.

4) Formation of a Piru Youth Technology Corp s-
Previous discussions centered around projects that the YTC could assist with such as GIS Mapping, Topographical mapping and Video camera shoots. Lou recommended that the YTC group could focus on onlin mapping as a tool for Tourists who are visitng the area. However, the CTAC group recommended that a Saturday orientation workshop be organized to provide the youth and people in the community an educational opportunity to learn more about technology The group recommended holding an educational and information workshop on Saturday, March 3, 2001 from 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.. Potluck lunch could be provided, as well as a concert. Some ideas tossed around by the council consisted of topics listed below:

Career Choices
GIS Mapping
WEBB Design
Introduction to computers
Introduction to the Internet

At this workshop, Lou Deitweiler and other members of the CTAC council offered to coordinate and offer short presentations such as creating a community GIS map, career counseling, and other miscellanious activities to be enjoined in the workshop.

It was recommended that RAIN assist in this orientation. Charlie Young informed the council that RAIN could provide and assist in workshop presentations. However, it would have to be approved by the Director of RAIN.

The workshops could be held at the PIRU community Center, and the Boys and Girls club. WEBB TV is available for demonstration of the internet, computer configuration, and other training offered to the community.

Opportunities would be offered to illustrate how the YTC could promote, educate, and maintain information that is critical to such areas of the community in issues related to health conditions.

For example: GIS could save lives by obtaining important information such as parcel numbers, addresses, post office. This is relevant especially for 911 calls. Ambulance need to locate the Correct addresses of emergency calls.

5) Piru Community Calendar- Mr. Kurt Ingalls a local member of CTAC was unavailable to give information on the Piru Community Calendar. Charlie Young will contact Kurt to assist the CTAC committee with this endeavor. He has been trained by RAIN staff on its use.

6) Location needed for hosting community computer/internet training -

Hosting, and training of local residents- The council recommeded computer training could be offered initially at the Piru Library. At the last meeting attendees asked around the community for locations for community involvement and training. Some training could be offered at the Boys and Girls Club, Community Center, and the Sheriffs station. If there is a lot of demand for training it can be offered at the Piru School computer lab. Fliers can be handed out, posted at the Post Office, and markets such as the Sanchez Market.

7) Piru Clinic- Representative Ms. Alamitto was unable to meet with the CTAC group this evening. Charlie Young will contact the clinic to review its facility and the telemedicine station, which could be used for doctor training and community wellness. The telemedicine units with the KIOSKS have been ordered. - Who can coordinate locally to see what health issues people would like to learn more about and who would participate? Meeting attendees decided unanimously that Diabetes is the most important issue in the community and would make a great topic for a community wellness day.

8) Piru School teacher Mr. Chris Pavek is working with GATE, and rural education community to present, and work with local students on a video piece about the history of Piru, which can be integrated into RAIN's youth programs and the Piru website. Lou Deitweiler, Cindy Escoto, and Ms. Alvarez will work with Mr. Pavek to continue the work in progress for the YTC group.

8) YTC-Representatives Ms. Lopez and other students involved recommended working with Mr. Deitweiler in refurbishing and restoring computer hardware. Many students would see this as a career-training enhancement for future careers. Students are active in the GIS program. However, a GIS monitor is needed. Charlie Young informed the council that RAIN has ordered the tools. 9) SESPE- Members of CTAC, and YTC recommended that additional outreach is one of the main pushes for computer training. The council at the next meeting would address this issue.

10) Reminder of upcoming calendar events:
5:30 - 6:30, CTAC, YTC Meeting- Date: February 21 Location: Piru Library
7:00 - 9:00 - Piru Neighborhood Civic Council Date: February 21 Location: Boys & Girls Club.
Workshops: RAIN, Computer Training, Technology, GIS.

- Meeting Adjourned -