Tools available for use :

1) E-mail - goto: E-Mail for a free email and calendar tool. You will need a user i.d. and password.

2) Document storage and forwarding. Use the Telemedicine File Upload tool at: to use.

3) Telemedicine Forums - goto: to introduce yourself on one of the forums

4) An interactive Telemedicine Events Calendar - something you can use for your own clinic or health program. Goto: to see or use the Telemedicine Calendar.

5) GIS - a state wide GIS database and Internet map that is developing a new way to be aware of resources, health hot spots, nurse and health resources available, in communities throughout the state. The GIS Telemedicine and Clinic maps are located at:

The GIS project also provides a datawarehouse where you can submit information on your clinic, school, county or regional resources. Funded as part of USDA Rural Utilities Service and Department of Interior projects, the datawarehouse is located at:

You can upload word documents, excel spreadsheets or database files to add information about your part of the Telemedicine GIS map.

6) Telemedicine Videos - an Internet based library of telemedicine videos is constantly growing. The video library is located at:

7) Community Wellness resources located at:

8) Emergency Preparedness materials and links are located in two locations. Goto:

9) A special Personal Electronic Journal which keeps an online notebook for you - always there - for use in the lab, at home or at work. Entries made into the journal can be saved to create a library of indexed notes always there to refer to. Accessable only by personal user i.d. and password. The model Electronic Journal is located at .

Please request a guest user i.d. by email to