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Implementing Telemedicine

As we implement the RAIN Distance Learning and Telemedicine Project it is clear that YOU are our virtual partners. From our interviews with you, we share the same vision of access to consultants and continuing education, of the computer and the internet being easy to master and decreasing our work. It is important for you to know that we recognize that doctors are not going to crowd online and that you are in conflict with your administrators on this subject. The Internet is focused on the commercial domain while the doctor remains focused on the clinical domain. Cash, not content is King now!We have all been made wiser by trying to implement computerized billing systems and buying supplies has been made as easy as picking up the phone.

Will It Save Me Time? Will It Save Me Money?

What is clear is that you all respect your patient's time and the barriers that transportation can bring to accessing care. We hope that through education and access to consultants that you will be able to give this gift to your patients - educating yourselves to care comfortably for their problems and giving them the security that you are accessing the best care.

We do hear that you are fed up with clunky records, misplaced reports, telephone tag all stealing minutes from your day that could be spent caring for your patients - an extra minute of reassurance or education -the art (and pleasure) of medicine.We are working on ways to improve your efficiency by working with the Family Practice Residency at Ventura County Medical Center testing different tools in our clinics. We hope to share these with you and be a resource as you find tools of your own. We recognize that everyone will be working a little longer in their careers and that there is not going to be a sweeping out and replacement with Generation X cyber savvy docs - clearly it is the hard earned wisdom that makes us wary.

Fighting the Digital Divide

We are currently utilizing software intended to provide blind people access to the internet - but if you are illiterate you might as well be blind. Utilizing web promotores we are working with El Centrito de la Colonia to provide technology shy parents an opportunity to cross the digital divide. We have incorporated automatic translators into all of our web pages because no one is going to be left behind.