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How to Use Your Inhaler

Using your inhaler properly wil help you keep your asthma under control. It is important to learn the right technique so that the mist can reach your airways. Just follow these simple steps:

1. Stand up.

2. Put the mouthpiece on the canister that contains the medicine.

3. Shake the inhaler for 2 seconds, or ten shakes.

4. Position the inhaler with the canister upside down above the mouthpiece.

5. Hold the mouthpiece one to two inches from the lips. This position is effective because
1) your parents will be able to see the medication flowing into your mouth, indicating that the timing and possition are correct.
2) It reduces the amount of medication hitting the cheeks and palet, a common result of the speed and turbulance of the release.
3) It allows propelant to evaporate.

6. Breath out naturally. Then open your mouth wide and begin to inhale.

7. Squeeze the canister down on the moth peice and take two to fave seconds to inhale deeply.

8. Hold your breath for as long as you can, up to ten seconds.

9. Keep your mouth open. If medicine floats out of the mouth, it didn't go deep enough. If that happens it is safe to repeat the dose without counting this one.

10. Wait at least two minutes. Then reap the steps three through eight. most parents benefit from this second inhalation; it delivers medicine into the air ways that have been opened by the first whiff.

To estimate how much medication is left in the metered-dose inhaler simply remove the canister and place it in a sink or bowl of water. If the canister is empty it will float freely at the surface. A partially full canister will bob at or near the surface, while a full canister will sink to the bottom.