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Infant Nutrition

Thirteen(13) to Fifteen(15) Months old

Whole milk is best for your toddler. Give 4 small cups of whole milk daily.

Do not give low fat or nonfat milk until age 2.

Give your toddler all liquids from a small cup. Give water when thirsty.

Stop giving the bottle by 18 months of age.

Give a variety of table foods. Offer 3 meals and snacks daily.
5-9 servings of vegetables or fruits
7-11 servings of bread, cereals, or grains
2 servings of protein foods like poultry, fish, eggs, dried beans, peas, or tofu.

Give easy to chew finger foods. Give you toddler a spoon to eat with.

Make Meals a family time. You decide when and what your toddler eats.

Your toddler decides whether to eat and how much. Do not bribe or reward with food

Always be near when your baby eats. Babies can choke. Do not give your baby popcorn, peanuts, seeds, nuts, grapes, peanut butter, raisins, raw vegetables, meat sticks or hot dogs