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Getting Rid of Head Lice

1. Shampoo hair according to medication instructions.

2. Rinse hair throughly with a mixture of vinegar and half warm water over hair to loosen eggs.

3. Dry with a towl.

4. Comb with a very fine comb

5. Next morning check carefuly and be sure there is no sign of lice or eggs.

6. Repeat treatment in 10 days (if you missed any eggs, they will have hatched in 6-10 days).

Also be sure to:

1. Wash all clothing for 10 min in hot soapy water (52C/125F). Most water heaters are set at this tempature. Hang in the sun to dry if possible.

2. Wash all bed linnen with hot soapy water. Hang in the sun to dry if possible.

3. Dissinfect any personal items, such as combs and brushes. Use hot soapy water or the spectial shampoo. You may also soak combs and brushes in a 2% lysol solution(1 teaspoon lysol in one cup of water)

4. Air hats, pillows, etc., thoroughly.

5. Personal articles of clothing or bedding that can not be washed may be dry-cleaned or placed in a plastic bag and sealed for a period of 10 days. The latter method works because head lice die in about 48 hours without a blood meal, and eggs kept at room temp. for 10 days do not hatch.

6. Thoroughly vacume the house and furniture, including mattresses.

It is wise to treat all family members and close contacts at the same time. Anybody can pick up head lice from elses person or clothing. The main idea is to get rid of them at once. You can help prevent "travelers" - do not loan or borrow head scarfs, hats, combs or brushes!!!