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Youth Technology Corp Invitation

Call to Computer-Using Youth

Become a founding member of your community's Youth Technology Corps !

The RAIN Rural Community Technology Network is looking for a few good Youth to join their community's Youth Technology Corp. If you enjoy working with computers, and have Internet experience at any level, this is a great opportunity for you to become part of a real Team working on the development of web sites, rural technology access, and Internet training programs.

As a member of your local YTC, you will work directly with the RAIN Network on the development of web sites for your community and on the preparation of a monthly newsletter. Along with your fellow YTC members, you will also provide advice and recommendations to the Community Technology Advisory Council that is guiding RAIN's work in your community. You will have a say in bringing technology into your community as a development tool, and you will help shape your community's future.

Your role, as a member of the YTC, will be to take part in a 1-1/2 hour meeting once a month and become part of a team working on web site development, local training, GIS (geographic information system mapping), a newsletter, or other special projects. You will be forming a new program for your community, using new technologies as a community empowerment tool.

We invite you to make a commitment to serve for one year as a YTC member. This learning experience will add important skills and resources to the local level of this innovative community technology education and telemedicine program - and give YOU a step up towards valuable future career opportunities. All YTC members receive free local-dial Internet accounts during their year of service.

To get involved, call the Project Coordinator, Ron Wright, at 1-800-889-2823, or send an email to:
See us online at