Expedition Challenges - send all responses to rain@rain.org, or mail to Camp Internet c/o RAIN 1129 State, Santa Barbara CA 93101. The first two people to repond correctly to all challenges will receive a free pass to attend an Eagle Cruise on Lake Cahuma.

1. Find which creature is the same victim of the Eagles in both Aztec and Sumerian mythologies.
2. What is the name for an Eagle's nest ? Where do they build them ?
3. In what cultures did the Eagle serve as a guide during epic migrations to a permanent homeland ?
4. Find the Latin names for the Bald Eagle and the Golden Eagle.
5. What is the average wing span for a Bald Eagle ?
6. What country has an Eagle on its flag ?
7. Draw a picture of the half man / half eagle creature called Garuda from India, or of an eagle in flight. Or send in a poem about an Eagle ( written by yourself or credited to some one else ).
8. How long do eagles live on average ?
9. What bird is the national bird of the United States ?
10. Which Eagles are included in the Endangered Species Act in The United States?

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