Who were the Aztecs ?

The Aztecs are well known as the fierce conquerors of Native American tribes who dwelt in what is now Mexico, just previous to the devastating European Spanish Conquest. The Aztec empire built impressive multi-storied stone temples, city complexes, canals and roads, calendars, and carved elaborate stone friezes depicting their histories and complex mythologies.
The Eagle figures centrally in Aztec heritage as the long sought sign of where their wandering ancestors were to settle to build their powerful empire. As you will also learn, their central God also chooses to take of the form of an Eagle in order to lead them on their migration to their new homeland.
The Eagle Legend of the Aztec we have chosen to share with our Campers has been gathered from Mythology of the Americas, by Burland, Nicholson, Osborne; published by Hamlyn 1970, pg. 259, and is an account originally transcribed by Alfonso Caso, a Mexican anthropologist.

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