At last, Coyote won the argument and it was agreed that people would have hands just like his. The next day they all gathered around a beautiful white rock that was there in the sky. It was so fine and smooth on top that whatever touched it left an exact print. Coyote was just about to stamp his hand down on the rock when Lizard, who had been standing silently just behind him, quickly reached out and pressed his own perfect hand print onto the rock.
Coyote was furious and wanted to kill Lizard, but Lizard ran down into a deep crack and escaped. Since eagle and Sun approved of what Lizard had done, Coyote couldn't do anything about it. If Lizard had not made his print, we might have hands like a coyote today ! "
Excerpted from December's Child, by Thomas C. Blackburn; published by University of California Press, 1975
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