Who Lived in The Eastern Woodlands ?

The Native American Peoples south of the St. Lawrence River down to Delaware Bay, and inland to the region of the Great Lakes are called the Eastern Woodland tribes. Most were members of the Iroquois People, known as The Five Nations, whose charter was closely studied by the United State's anglo founding fathers while preparing The Constitution of The United States. These Five Nations were formed through a peaceful federation of previously unrelated tribes, and mark a historically significant, visionary alliance of peoples under a unified political structure.
These early Americans had a well developed agricultural and hunting economy, and lived in wooden bark long houses in established villages. Their foods were corn, deer, moose and fish, with women and children tending the fields and men hunting the plentiful game in the forests.
Our selected story is about a hunter who makes an agreement with the Mother of All Eagles. Gathered from Mythology of the Americas, by Burland, Nicholson, Osborne; published by Hamlyn 1970, pg. 65. Other suggested readings include any of the many re-tellings of Hiawatha, originally written in beautiful lyrical prose by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

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