Environmental Projects
MERA, the Marine Educators Regional Alliance.
    Facilitates development and implementation of educational programs that foster stewardship, understanding of and support for, as well as participation in, the ecologically sustainable use and enjoyment of the extraordinary diversity of the transition zone between the southern and northern California coastal and marine ecosystems.

Media Broadcasting Station
     An extensive archive of Video, Audio, and Photos of Environmental Events. Watch for live video streaming dates.


View online video and audio of the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary Public Forum

View online video and audio of Dave Foreman's "The River Wild: Rewilding in the Context of Conservation History".

Camp Internet
     Camp Internet brings Environmental Education - as well as Technology Literacy, Science, Social Science, Literature, and Art - to classrooms, afterschool programs, libraries, and home schools through use of a unique online learning environment.

Sustainable Seas Expedition
    An exciting undersea exploration that will be exploring never-before-seen depths of the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans during visits with submersibles to the U.S. National Marine Sanctuary system.

Coastal Zone
     The Coastal Zone series is the premier international symposium for coastal and ocean management. RAIN has provided conference participants and the general public with live streaming video of the conference, interactive chats and message boards, interpretive reports, and a photo gallery of the conference.