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Greetings and Introductions

Objectives: To be able to greet people, introduce yourself, introduce others, ask for information, and give information. Dialog:*

Robert: Hello, my name's Roberto.

Lily: (I'm) glad to meet you. My name's Lily. This is my neighbor, Sara.

Robert: (I'm) glad to meet you, Sara. Where are you from?

Sara: (I'm) from Mexico.

* (The parentheses enclose words which can be omitted.)

Practice 1

Hello, my name is __________. (I'm) glad to meet you.


Practice 2
This is my neighbor, __________. (I'm) pleased to meet you.


Practice 3

His name is __________.

Practice 4

(I'm) from San Antonio. He's from Texas.
Los Angeles She's
Mexico You're

Practice 5

Where are you from?
is he
is she
am I

Practice 6: Dictation

A. Hello my __________ Robert.

B. Glad to meet __________ . __________ name's Sara.

C. This is my __________ , Lily.

D. Pleased to __________ you, Lily. Where are you __________?

E. (I'm) from Thailand.

Practice 7: Role Play

A. __________ , this is __________ .

B. Glad to meet you. Where are you from?

A. (I'm) from __________ .

Cultural Note: In the United States people do not always shake hands when introduced. Men usually do when introduced to other men. When introduced to a woman, a man usually waits for the woman to offer her hand. Women frequently do not shake hands when introduced to either men or women.

Generally when men shake hands with each other they offer a firm grip.