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Introduction to Camp Internet's ESL Program


Learning to speak, write and understand English is a challenging and rewarding skill.

Using Camp Internet you will be able to practice reading, writting and speaking, while exploring subjects of value and interest.

We will work with English in more than one form.

There is:

Business English
News English
Daily English for shopping and school
Science English

More than 1 English! That, you may say, is a bit much. But follow along through this very special ESL class and learn about the origins, the culture, the real English. When you have completed your reading, writting and speaking components of Camp Internet you will find that English has become a much more familiar friend to work with.

If you have questions anytime during the course email me by leaving a message here.

Let's review some of the Tools which are in Camp Internet for you to learn and practice English with.

Web Quest #1

Become familiar with the Web Quest units. They will give you a guided way to test your reading and writting skills. New Quest units come online every week.

Video is very helpful in learning a new language. We will spend time each week exploring the Camp Internet video archives. this link for the Camp Internet Video channel

Camp Internet has 7 core units which will provide you with a diversity of materials throughout your course.

Explore this map of the U.S. and click on the area you would like to study today.

The courses are:

Explore the California Channel Islands
This is a study of the history, marine science, literature and folk lore of the California Coastal region. Take this link to explore the Channel Islands course

Explore the Ancient Southwest.
This course provides an extensive range of materials on the ancient American Southwest, with studies into Dinosaurs, Caves, ancient art and religion and the sciences which study ancient cultures. Take this link to goto the Ancient Southwest Expedition.

American History

This course reviews the literature, culture and religions which informed the American Culture from its beginnings with Native Americans to the first Europeans. Take this link to begin the American History course.

The California Backcountry course studies the literature, art, Native American and European settler History and the science of the California Backcountry.

Within California are some of th most beautiful parks, such as Yosemite, which represent tremendous history and have provide a source of inspiration for artists.

Homeschool. This is the part of Camp Internet which brings everything together.

An excellent place to begin your exploration of the Camp web. Goto this link to begin exploring the Homeschool online Campus

Gardens. Sustainable Agriculture. The history, culture and science of growing food. In the Global-Garden course we study all this and more.

Moon Gardening, Space agriculture and Native American agriculture all come together to provide an exceptional place to learn and practice English.
Go to this link to expore the Global-Garden Campus.

Your library has a constantly growing collection of full text books online. Go to this link to explore the Library