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Quiz - Map Projections

1. Define the term, map projection, and give a brief description of the process.

2. What are developable shapes? Name three. Name one shape that is not developable and explain why.

3. Explain the following terms: spheroid, tangency, secancy, standard parallel, and central meridian.

4. Briefly describe the polyconic projection.

5. Define the terms, great circle and rhumb line and explain their importance to navigation. Name two projections used in the construction of maps used for navigation.

6. Name the most renowned projection and describe its type, properties and use.

7. With regard to map projection, explain the significance of map scale.

8. When is a map projection equal-area, equidistant, azimuthal or conformal? Give examples of projections, each having at least one of these properties.

9. What are the common properties of all azimuthal (zenithal), projections?

10. Explain the term "interrupted" projection. What advantages does it have over other types of World projections?

11. Describe the problem of "edge matching" in regard to cartographic production and map reading.

12. Briefly describe some of the important factors involved in choosing the best map projection.

13. Select a common projection not already mentioned in this unit, and describe it in terms of the above table.

GIS Map 1
Description of the Map

GIS Map 2
Description of the Map

GIS Map 3
Description of the Map