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Quiz for Maps: What Are They?

1. Give a brief explanation (not more than 30 words), for each of the following terms: a map, a globe and cartography.

2. For cartographic production, in what two categories do most maps fall? Give examples of each.

3. Briefly describe two methods used to depict elevation on maps.

4. Provide examples of the two general types of information portrayed on thematic maps?

5. Explain and give examples of nominal, ordinal and interval data.

6. Briefly explain how a GIS is related to mapping thematic data.

7. Give two examples of special purpose maps, and describe their importance.

8. What is an atlas? Provide examples of topics they cover.

9. Visit your library. Examine an atlas and describe three thematic maps that it contains. Provide a reference for the atlas (see examples above).

GIS Map 1
Description of the Map

GIS Map 2
Description of the Map

GIS Map 3
Description of the Map