Native Plants of the Channel Islands Region

California Native Botany


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GIS & Mapping

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School Garden Registry

Camp Internet

Camp Internet's Global Gardening Studies are open to all Camp Expedition Teams. RAIN's Youth Technology Corps members are Expedition Team Leaders for Communities taking part.


This Week's Studies

Preparing Your Garden Area and Soil
Preparing Your Garden Rows
Keeping a Garden Journal    

Soil Types & Soil Testing

Field Report Form

It is time to plan school gardens. Materials in this lesson with let you learn about Garden Planning, Seed Management and more.

Winter Weather Report Form

Moon Gardening General Word List

Space Agriculture

Sustainable Agriculture - What is it?

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Science - this week's studies


Growing Your Garden - from Seeds to Harvest              

Hydroponics I
History of Hydroponic gardening


Weather Forecasting


Bean-Hole Beans from the People of the Dawn : a special lesson from the Camp Internet HomeSchool Center