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The Global Garden Project

Gardening & Technology for Classroom & Community

Welcome to the Global Garden

Exploring Plant, Animal and Human Communities Living in the Earth's Global Garden

Camp Internet is hosting the Global Garden activity program as a learning resource for students and families interested in better understanding and actively contributing to sustaining the natural balance of life on our planet Earth.

Combining online and hands-on science, history, art, literature, and gardening projects with Camp Internet Green-Tech electronic technologies - GPS readings, GIS Maps, Internet Digs, in-depth web resources, wireless weather kits, and Internet video broadcasting from remote sites - Camp Internet is hosting exciting learning opportunities for school or home learning.

Our Global Gardeners will join us online to uncover the secrets of ancient farmers, delve into the mysteries of plant and animal communities on land and beneath the sea, and will enjoy the art and literature of famous writers and movements dedicated to preserving the wonders of the natural environment. Students and families will launch their own hands-on garden and wildcrafting projects, track and map native plants and animals, or measure water quality and weather in their local community. The Camp's online and hands-on activities are designed to empower our learners to understand the bigger picture of plant, animal, and human interdependence - all steps towards better understanding and protecting our Global Garden.

With only one planet in our solar system able to support our human, plant, and animal life, the Earth is a unique environment and one that we each personally rely on for our food, air, water, health, and wellness. In fact, Earth is the only planet in the known UNIVERSE that can support this balance of life - that makes our Global Garden very unique and very important to protect.

Join us while we seek answers to these questions and more: How did this special Global Garden environment come to be? On the earth and beneath the sea? Have human societies ever formed that operated in harmony with the natural environment? What changes or dangers to the Global Garden have been faced before? How have plants and animals - and people - faced those challenges? What challenges do we face today? Can we help build a sustainable Global Garden as a reality for the future?

The Global Garden's Human Heritage

Earth Science - learning to care for and gain nurishment from the Earth
The Wonders of the Plant World
The Magic of the Animal Powers
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