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Lunar Gardening - Working with the Moon

General word list

The Moon is furthest from the Earth at this time each month. It is then moving most slowly around the zodiac.

When the Sun, Moon or planets meet together in an 'aspect'. The aspects used in this calendar are conjunction, opposition, trine, square, and sextile. Every month the Moon meets the Sun and each planet in these aspects. The conjunction lasts for about twelve hours (roughly) and the others are of shorter duration, perhaps down to six hours.

This happens when two planets or a planet and the Moon meet in the sky. The Moon passes by all the planets once a month.

The Elements
The sowing of crops uses a four-element cycle known in the bio-dynamic calendar as root, leaf, flower and fruit days.

Leaf day
Term used by bio-dynamic farmers to denote days when the Moon is in front of a water-element constellation. It does this three times a month or every nine days for the Fishes, Crab and Scorpion. For more information on leaf days, go to our Day definitions page.

Fruit/seed days
There is a fire-or warmth-energy at these times, as the Moon is in front of one of the three fiery constellations (Lion, Ram and Archer), and this aids the maturing of seeds and fruit. For more information on fruit days, go to our Day definitions page.

Root days
There is an Earthy energy at these times, when the Moon is in front of the stars of the Bull, Goat (Capricorn) or Virgin. For more information on root days, go to our Day definitions page.

Flower days
The airy energy of these days is to be used for sowing and planting flowers. The Moon is in front of the Aquarius, Libra and Gemini constellations. For more information on flower days, go to our Day definitions page.

Full Moon
This happens when the Moon is opposite to the Sun in the zodiac so that it rises as the Sun sets. Traditionally it was regarded as a time for maximal germination and growth of plants, and this is especially so if it's been raining on previous days, because the lunar influence works through water.

The time when the Moon would rise, if you had a level horizon. Actual or visible moonrise can be an hour or two later than the time given.

New Moon
When the Moon can't be seen in either the day or the night sky, for several days. (You can't see it because it's too close to the Sun). The Moon dies and is reborn each month. Months used to start when the first crescent of the New Moon was espied.

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