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Camp Internet's Global Gardening Studies are open to all Camp Expedition Teams. RAIN's Youth Technology Corps members are Expedition Team Leaders for Communities taking part.

Preparing your garden Rows

We have begun to layout the string and markers in our main planter boxes for the Camp Internet Garden.

Go back over your Garden Plan and count how many rows you are going to need.

You will need to make some row markers, 1 for each end of the row.

For example: if you have 10 rows you'll need 20 markers.

You can use clean margarine tubs or old window blinds cut into 1" wide (2.5 cm) strips about 6" long (15 cm).

Use permanent marker to write the name and variety of each plant.

Make 2 for each row, 1 for each end.

Take all your labels, a tape measure or yardstick and your Garden Plan out to the garden.

Lay the measuring tape along one edge of your garden plot and use your garden plan to mark off where each row begins.

Push the correct row marker 2 1/2" (7 cm) into the when each row begins.

Leave enough space between the rows to walk between your adult plants.

Use a piece of twine pulled taut along the row to keep your lines straight from the front to the back of the garden .

Don't forget the row markers at the bottom of each row.

Now you are ready to plant your seeds and seedlings.