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Camp Internet's Global Gardening Studies are open to all Camp Expedition Teams. RAIN's Youth Technology Corps members are Expedition Team Leaders for Communities taking part.

General Notes on Starting Seeds

When planting more than one variety, label each container. Tiny seedlings can be difficult to distinguish.

Recycle cardboard egg cartons as seed-starting equipment. Sow one or two seeds in soilless mix in each compartment. On planting day, carefully peel away the cardboard without disturbing the root ball.

When seedlings emerge too close together, thin them without disturbing the
roots of those that remain by snipping off the extras at the surface.

Most seeds need warmth to germinate. Put your seed-starting containers on
top of your refrigerator, where the additional warmth will speed the process.

If your seedlings grow weak and spindly, they are likely not getting enough light,
or the room they are growing in is too warm.

Some gardeners find transplanting the seedlings to be
tedious, so they eliminate that step by sowing their seeds directly into multi-cell packs, one or two seeds per cell.

Damping-off is a fungus disease that causes seedlings to suddenly wilt and die. To prevent damping-off, use clean containers and fresh soilless mix; keep the mix lightly moist but not saturated; and leave enough space between seedlings to allow for air to circulate.

Certain seeds have special requirements for temperature or planting depth. Read the seed packets for any additional instructions.