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Camp Internet's Global Gardening Studies are open to all Camp Expedition Teams. RAIN's Youth Technology Corps members are Expedition Team Leaders for Communities taking part.

Transplanting Your Sprouts

When the seedlings have formed their second set of leaves, they're ready to transplant to individual containers. Don't delay too long in transplanting the seedlings or you will find yourself ripping tangled roots.

Individual pots or multi-cell packs allow each seedling to develop roots free of competition and avoid transplant shock later on when you move your seedlings to the garden.

To transplant seedlings, carefully lift plants by their leaves (not stems), loosening the soil from around their roots with a sharpened pencil. Replant them in moist, all-purpose potting soil at the same depth they grew before or slightly deeper.

Tender annuals won't tolerate frost, so wait until winter is gone for good before setting your transplants out in the garden.

Gradually acclimate your seedlings to outdoor weather over a period of two or three weeks. Start by setting the seedling flats in a shady, protected location for an hour or two a day. A coldframe facilitates the acclimation to outdoors, but any spot protected from wind and strong sunlight will do. Gradually increase the amount of time the seedlings spend outdoors and their exposure to sunlight.