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Camp Internet's Global Gardening Studies are open to all Camp Expedition Teams. RAIN's Youth Technology Corps members are Expedition Team Leaders for Communities taking part.

Space Agriculture Classroom

Growing, harvesting and storing food in space are essential skills needed to successfully explore Mars and beyond.

Many new techniques in seed propagation, soil conservation, as well as work with new types of food such as the Apogee wheat will help Farming on Earth as well as in Space.

The Camp Internet Space Agriculture study unit will spend the year exploring what it takes to grow food in space. Welcome to the Expedition.

Here are a few early questions:

What is Apogee Wheat?

What does it mean when you say you are "measuring trees in response to structural unloading"?

What does it take to keep plants growing and producing in zero gravity?

What do you need fans to grow plans in zero gravity?

These questions and many more will be explored during the Camp Internet Agriculture In Space

Enter the Space Agriculture Classroom