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What is Gardening and What Does it have to do with my Classroom?

Good Question. And the answers will unfold as you experience the Global-Garden Expedition.

First of all Gardening has to do with the production of food and seeds. Starts with Soil. Where does it come from and how do you keep the soil so it will provide the food plants need to grow? Seeds. Where do seeds come from (yes, they come from plants, but how do farmers and gardeners get all the many seeds they need?).

But it also has to do with the management of soil and water. A very important issue that will be in your studies throughout the Expedition. Water, who owns it and how does it get shared. You have to have water to grow food to feed people.

Beyond that is the magic and the mytholody of gardening. Many Native American Tribes know the art of Weather Making. We'll study weather in the Global-Garden Expedition.

Gardening also has to do with Sustainability. Garden Sustainability (which means making a garden that will be there next year), Community Sustainability, Regional Sustainability, each is conected to the others.

The ability to grow food has a lot to do with a community or tribes sustainability. We will study Sustainable Communities and their gardens as we journey through the Global-Garden Expedition.

In the Classroom the Global-Garden projects gives you the chance to explore the writing and poetry that gardens have inspired.
The history of the Global-Garden is an exploration into the history of civilization.
Science is at the heart of the Global-Garden project. From the beginning, as we plan this next years Camp Internet Garden, we will learn how to approach growing food as a Science.

First lesson will be "What is the Scientific Method". What does it mean to do things in a scientifically.

In your Garden this year you will work on the edge of the Science Frontieer.

Your school and community Garden will become a GIS map. An interactive, database of information about your plants and garden community that can be viewed on the Internet as a color map.

You will be the map creators, and will conduct the scientific process of designing your Garden Project, creating a simple database for that project and then filling in that database with all the information you gather on your garden, its plants and bugs and water system.

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