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How to use the Green Net Web

These are instructions on how to make your experience with RAINís Green Net website easy and enjoyable.


  1. Open your Internet web browser of choice and place your cursor in the Web Address Box at the top of the browser.
  2. Type: http://www.rain.org/greennet in the Web Address Box and then hit the enter key.
  3. You will then be transported to RAINís Green Net Website. Please wait awhile for the page to download, and then continue to step #4.
  4. If you are a new member to Greennet and have not filled out our online application, please do. Use your mouse to point and click on the word on the right named: Join. After filling out the fields in the sign-up form, please click the sign me up! button and proceed to step #5.
  5. After filling out the Online application, itís time to head to Your Neighborhood to tell us a little about yourself, and the area you live in! Take your mouse and click on the word on the right that states: Neighborhood, and then click on the link Tell us about your neighborhood. From there you will see another form much like the other, but one that asks much different questions. Please take your time to fill out this form to the best of your knowledge. After finishing, please click the Log in my report! button and continue to step #6.

  7. Those last two forms you just filled out, only need to be filled out once, but the next form you are about to see are to be filled out every session when you have finished an activity at the Green House at SBHS. After you have finished and submitted the Neighborhood form, please use your mouse and click on the word on the right that states: Journals, then click on the link Personal Activity Log.
  8. This form is used to log your weekly progress of activities at the Green House, and a time to self reflect on the activities that you have accomplished. Take your time and think awhile before filling out the fields, and youíll be surprised at how much work youíve done covering the time spent at the Green House working on the gardens!

  9. Before you go for the day, be sure to check out the Calendar of events happening in and around the Greennet project! Use your mouse and click on the word on the right: Calendar. There you find week by week schedules and events at the Greenhouse, opportunity center, or even exciting field trips to local nurseries, green houses, and much more! If you need to look ahead of the current month listed, please select the month from the drop down arrow selection at the bottom, and the click the Change Month/Year button.


There! You have now successfully completed your activity on RAINís Greennet website!!