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How to Access Your Email

These are instructions on how to use RAIN's mail system to send and receive email from your computer.

1) Open your Internet web browser of choice and place your cursor in the Web Address Box (URL) at the top of the browser.

2) Type: http://pueblo.rain.org in the Web Address Box and then hit the enter key.

3) You will then be transported to RAIN’s Mailman e-mail program. Please wait awhile for the page to download, and then continue to step #4.

4) After downloading, you will come to a login screen from where you will need to enter both your RAIN login and password that was given to you when you signed up with Green Net. Please take the mouse and place the cursor in the field marked: Login. Then type your login/username(hint: It's the first portion of your email address eg. user@rain.org), then type in your password in the field below it. After you have enter both your login and password move your mouse down to the box that states: (Note: Very Important!) Check here to expire MailMan output, for increased security and privacy. and click the box. From there move your mouse down to the button labeled: LOGIN and click it.

5) If you have entered the information correctly above you should now be in what is your Inbox. On your left you should see a 'window pane' that should contain the buttons: RELOAD MESSAGES, LOG OUT, and NEW MESSAGE. On your upper right window you will see your 'Message Headers'. This is the area where you will see what number of messages you have, from who they sent from, and a clickable subject area so that you can view the body of the message in the window down below. This third window is the 'Message Body' window. This window allows to see the actual message that was sent to you after having clicked on the subject of the message in the 'Message Headers' windows. Let’s try this. First go up to an existing message in the 'Message Headers' window and click on the green highlighted text in the subject of one or your messages. As you see, the message of the subject clicked displays itself in the ‘Message Body’ window down below. Within this window you will also see several green buttons at the top of the message. Those buttons basically allow you to jump from one message to another without having to first go up to the ‘Message Headers’ windows to click on the next highlighted subject link. After experimenting with this, please go to step #6.

6) Let’s now try and compose and delete a message. To first compose (write) a message we need to click on the NEW MESSAGE button on the left windowpane. From there you will see some new stuff appear in the 'Message Body' window. This is your composition screen where you will compose new messages. In this example you will write a new message to yourself. In this new window you will see different fields like To:, Cc:, From:, and Subject:. The only ones you really need to worry about are To:, Subject:, and Cc:. To: is the mail field that you place the person’s address you are trying to email. For example, there might be a user on RAIN who’s email address is johndoe@rain.org and you want to email him in this letter. This is the field you would use to place his address in. Cc: stands for 'Carbon Copy' and means that if you wanted to send that same message to johndoe@rain.org also to janemary@rain.org as well, you would place her address along with any other addresses in that field. Just make sure that when you place more than one address in the Cc: field that you separate every address with a ',' comma. The Subject: line is where you would place a small subject/topic about the message you are about to write. This field isn't mandatory, but is necessary so that the reader on the other end can quickly look over his messages to see what messages are in his 'Inbox'. Now to actually create the message.

7) First place your cursor in the To: field and type your email address(remember your address is your login @ rain.org). From there move your mouse to the Subject: line and type some kind of subject. At this point since it's a test, why don't you write the subject as ‘test’? Now move your mouse cursor into the 'Body'(Big square) down below. Now go ahead and write anything you would like, but please be clean with the language you use if you don’t mind. After completing your writing, move your mouse onto the SEND MESSAGE button at the bottom of the 'Message Body' window and click it. You will then see that your message has been sent. We are now going to go and retrieve that message so that we can now look at it like it's been sent to us by someone else. Move your mouse over to the left windowpane and click on the button labeled RELOAD MESSAGES. From there you should see a new message appear in the 'Message Headers' screen. Go ahead and click on the subject line and view your own message down below in the ‘Message Body’ screen down below. Now onto how to delete messages.

8) To delete messages in the program is pretty simple and straightforward. Take a look at the 'Message Headers' screen and you will see a column labeled 'Mark'. It will be right next to the 'Message' column. All you have to do is take your mouse and click checkmarks in the box/boxes of the messages you would like to delete, and then move your mouse over to the button marked DELETE MARKED, or just check one at a time and click on DELETE MESSAGE.

Well, congratulations!! You have just completed your first lesson on how to use RAIN’s email system!
Have fun emailing!

Assignment 2.

Log on to your email account and send a message to greennet-l@rain.org