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How to use Internet Search Sites

These are instructions on how to use the Internet’s search engines to better find what you are looking for.

1. Open your Internet web browser of choice and place your cursor in the Web Address Box (URL) at the top of the browser.

2. Type: http://www.yahoo.com in the Web Address Box and then hit the enter key.

3. You will then be transported to Yahoo’s web site where you will see a colorful banner on top followed by a lot of words and text. At this time please ignore this and place your cursor in the box that is right in the middle of the page.

4. From here you will want to enter in the words of what our are trying to look for on the Internet. Let’s try a simple one for right now. Type in the box: Pictures of. After that type in the animal name of your computer. Remember how we named each computer after an animal? So, if the name of your computer is ‘Alligator’, type: ‘Pictures of Alligators’ and press Enter.

5. After you wait a little while, a new page will come up with results of what you searched for. Every blue link you see is a web page that would hopefully contain one of the following words: Pictures or Alligators. In turn, click and select each one from the top down and see what kind of results you get. Did you get a lot of pictures of alligators, or just a lot of text talking about them?

6. Let's now try something different. Click on the Back button till you get back on Yahoo's search page, and go to the bottom of the page and there you will see the box where you enter your searches once again. Then place your cursor in there and enter the same phrase as you had earlier but surround it by "quotes". Example: You last entered Pictures of Alligators without quotes. Now enter the same phrase but surround it by quotes. Like this: "Pictures of Alligators". When you do this, Yahoo will only search for that exact phrase instead of finding the words Pictures and Alligators. This way you can quickly find exactly what you are looking for the first time you start your search, and if Yahoo (or any other search site) can't find anything with that exact phrase, you can then take the quotes out.

7. Now we are going to try other search sites to see what different pages we come up with, that might be different than what Yahoo gives us. Click Back until you get back on Yahoo's search page, and go to the bottom of the page. From there you will see title saying "Other search engines". From there you can click on the blue links that mark the other search sites. If you have the phrase of the search in Yahoo, then Yahoo will automatically use that phrase as your search words for the next search site.

You now have completed your first lesson for searching on the Web!

Assignment 3.
Choose a search engine and find out about other kids and families in other community garden projects. Write down their web addresses, and their email addresses.