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Understanding Ancient Civilizations, the cultures, religions and the families who made those ancient cultures, requires a good understanding of World Religions.

1) If a surplus of trade and crops made for a wealthy country, what would a Greek do to show that wealth?
What would a Zoroastrian do? How about a Hindu?
What would an early Christian do?

Look at a particular story, like the story of Oedipus or the story of Noah.
How did the story become so popular: what was it about the story that seemed important to people? Was it because there is some historical truth to it? Or because it deals with something people worry about? Or because it helps to pull the community together? (There can be more than one reason at the same time; that just makes the story stronger).

write a letter to a friend pretending to be a Roman thinking about converting to Christianity, and giving reasons why they might or might not do it. Or someone thinking about converting to Zoroastrianism, or from Christianity to Islam.

Or a letter trying to convince their friend to convert, or not to convert.