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Camp Internet After School Program

One Day Training Session

Intro to Camp Internet
Lecture: Camp Internet distance learning program and three corner stones: Gather information, Turn that info knowledge, Share that knowledge in the interactive projects. (View website content and review handouts.)

Navigating Camp Internet and a look at the Teachers Web
Lecture: Basic left-right navigation features. A quick look at left side nav bar (archives, student center). In-depth look at how to use the Teachers Web: Calendar, Briefings, Roster, Lesson plan d base, Camp email center.

Morning Break

Camp Internet Chats, Digs, and Field Reports
Lecture: What's a Trail Guide Chat? What's an Internet Dig? What's a Field Report? What makes for a good "Academic Chat?" View chat, dig, and field report archives. View current "Today at Camp Internet" chat and field report activities "Campwide" and "Teacher Training."

Camp Internet Email Center
Activity: Discuss listservs. Check Camp email. Exchange a message between your teacher and your class accounts.


Camp Internet Curricula
Lecture: Trailhead portals, bottom of Camp home page. How to get into the Islands, BackCountry, Ancient Southwest, Global Garden, and GIS portals; What the tracks contain - history, social studies, art, literature and science; tour the shared GIS center and the garden center.

Activity: Practice navigating between the subjects in your track.

Field Reports
How to post a Field Report. How to create a link and post an image to a Field Report.

Activity: Practice simple field report submission in Teacher's Web.

GIS Center
Review use of GIS/GPS in the Afterschool Program.

Closing Remarks, Questions