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December 2001 DIY ADSL will reduce the cost of broadband July 2000 BT launch ADSL 1995 Microsoft launches Internet Explorer 1.0 1994 World Wide Web Consortium created to standardise and advance Web technology worldwide 1994 Enter Netscape 1.0 as an alternative browser to NCSA Mosaic 1993 The first graphics-based Web browser, Mosaic, becomes available April 1993 Creation of the first version of HTML, the code behind all websites 1990 ARPANET decommissioned. Number of Internet servers exceeds 300,000 1989 DSL the technology that ADSL is based on is invented 1969 ARPA, the US Defense Department, creates a small network, called ARPANET, connecting four universities in the US 1948 Cable is used in the US to get TV to areas that were not covered by traditional broadcasts 1950 Development of the first analogue modems begins July 1961 Leonard Kleinrock at MIT in the US publishes the first paper on packet switching theory, the data transfer technology behind the Net 1962 The first analogue modem was made available to the public. It was slow 1965 Fibre Optic cable is invented. This is the technology that makes cable TV and cable Internet possible