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American History

American History - Class Start Up

1) Create a history timeline -
what times in history do you remember
beginning at the beginning and working up to modern times.

2) Draw a Map of history by making 4 maps:

the first should show how you think North America looked before historic times
the second should show how you think it looked at the time the Anasazi built Chaco Canyon

the third should show how you think North America looks today

the fourth should show how you think it will look a hundred years in the future.

Trace the map from class today to give you a basic shape.

You can also trace the different maps, overlay them on one another and cut them out and then place them in different ways to make a very complete map

Once you have completed your map we will show you how to turn your map and information into a GIS map - with each of the different maps being a layer on your special GIS map.