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HomeSchool Registration Center

Begin Here

All you need to do to begin taking part in Camp Internet's Home School program is complete this form.

After you fill out your registration form you will receive:

  • your Camp Internet school I.D.

  • HomeSchool Study Binder & Materials

  • the First of your monthly cd-rom's of Camp HomeSchool Web based Materials.

  • and
  • a special set of cd-roms with Camp Internet video and GIS maps.

  • The CD-ROM's will come to you monthly via regular mail. This means that no matter what your Internet connection speed is you will have dynamic, fast access to all HomeSchool materials, including video, audio and gis maps, from your cd as well as your HomeSchool web account.

    Camp Internet's combination of experienced Teachers and well tested Technology allows HomeSchool educators to focus on the task of teaching, with tools to make it easy to evaluate skills, analyze performance, and track progress.

    Working with Camp Internet Teachers and other Camp Students fosters real one-on-one collaboration. Use of chatrooms, video, email and other advanced communication tools (like monthly cd-roms) helps to bridge the "remoteness" of computer learning.

    Combined with Camp Internet's Smithsonian Institution award-winning and 10 year old, time-tested interactive learning activities, Camp Internet brings into the classroom and homeschool an online learning experience unmatched in sophistication, effectiveness, and the ability to generate student enthusiasm.

    Camp Internet's online exercises, learning games, and assessments provide effective distance learning experiences, and also provide a resource to supplement traditional classroom-based education, bringing a new dimension to teacher-student interaction.

    With Camp Internet's assessment tools, homeschool educators can administer online exams, automatically track student scores, and choose between computer grading, instructor grading, or a combination of both. Sophisticated reporting tools allow educators to delve below the surface, identifying problems with student performance.

    1) What is the Camp Internet HomeSchool Program?

    2) Frequently Asked Qestions

    3) What do I receive when I join?

    4) Does the curriculum follow state standards?

    5) What is the Camp Internet HomeSchool Campus?

    6) Are there Credentialed Teachers in Camp Internet?