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Why should we study Bullying?

First answer is the most obvious. We want to find a way to make our schools and neighborhoods free of the kind of reality bullys try to enforce.

Here are some other current statistics about the issue. If you have reasons you think it is important to study bullying send us a message to

It is resonable to say that nearly all school violence begins with bullying.

Often what becomes serious school violence starts with seemingly innocent bullying or put-downs that eventually escalates into violence.

The lack of respect for another person’s human rights, the most common factor in all criminal behaviors, begins with school bullying.

What has been your experience at school? Does your school or neighborhood have "safe" and "no-so-safe" zones? If so how about making a GIS map of your school or community and list "safe" zones. It could lead to more study and understanding of problems that may be hard to describe.

It is possible to identify bullying behavior.

It is also possible to build a community of "peace makers" in your school or neighborhood. We'll study that process as we go through this years Peace Studies course in the Camp Internet HomeSchool.
Peace Rally

Peace rally, took part to promote peace.

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People marching to promote peace

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