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Youth Moving in a Positive Direction

The support for change is strong around the world. Awareness of Environmental, Economic and Social problems is more widespread, in part thanks to the global Internet and Television, than even before.

The European Union represents a definite affimitive step forward in social cooperation. Demonstrating a modern example of multi-national cooperative economic, passport (personal I.D., which means you can go from one country to another basically as a citizen of both in so far as you are a citizen of the European Union). and trade.

What was once considered “fringe” is rapidly becoming “mainstream” , both as far as diets like vegitarianism and with issues like environmental management.

Large natural product grocers are spreading throughout the country.

Established food store groups like Albertsons carry Organic food on a regular basis. 5 years ago that was not the case.

First lesson here is that change can happen. Positive growth, social change because of People's needs, does happen and you can always be part of that.

If your school, neighborhood or home is in crisis talk with your teacher or an adult you trust. Change can happen and it can always be made better, especially once you step forward and begin the "dialog", the conversation.

Along with Organic food becoming more available and affordable we know more now about our physiology and how to optimize our biology and daily life through foods, supplements, and herbs.

Also as researchers have identified how environmental toxins adversely affect our health, many architects have stepped up to the plate and designed safe lighting, toxic free paints, and natural non off-gassing carpets. The “Green Movement” is creating sustainable systems in agriculture, building construction, and economics.

In addition to new knowledge and innovations, there is a growing awareness of family values and community building. New models of healthcare, healing, parenting, teaching and schools are forging a path for children’s natural health and happiness. Our children are the greatest reflection of these changes. There are often simple answers for complex problems. Those being raised with these new principles and practices are experiencing fewer allergies, less diseases, more harmony, heightened academic performance, and greater self-esteem. They are becoming an integral part of their communities and social fabric

In talking with youth from across the country, we find they are particularly concerned about the state of the world, the condition of the environment, as well as the health hazards threatening their parents and themselves. When told the facts, connecting the issues together for a more congruent understanding of the problems and solutions, students are continually motivated to make healthier choices. They need only the availability of products that will nourish them, services that will teach them, and loving attitudes of those who care for them.

Although the state of children’s development and health is a serious situation and needs immediate action, some simple solutions do exist. For instance, could we really change our children’s health, attitude, inspiration, and peace of mind by altering their diet? Imagine the harmony restored to a body that is calm, can concentrate, sleep, study and play. Imagine the continuing implications this would create for a child, a family, and community. By embracing the new paradigm of modalities being offered, we can give our children the chance they deserve to become their own unique spirited selves.

Natural Foods and Diet

We are what we eat. We have always known that “junk foods”, appropriately named, are not good for us. Now scientific studies reveal that “junk foods”, and the chemicals used in them, are downright harmful and often responsible for creating problems throughout the body’s system. It is widely understood by health care professionals that eating well is imperative for healing and is the first step in honoring the relationship with you and your body.

Children are highly exposed to “junk foods”, and in the most need of nourishment for their rapidly developing skeletal and nervous systems. Their small bodies cannot take the onslaught of chemicals, particularly without adequate nourishment. Allergists and Environmental Physicians estimate that the number of children and adults who have food sensitivities (also known as allergies) exceeds 75 percent. And these sensitivities start early. One study reveals that breast-fed children have nearly half the prevalence of childhood obesity and a 21% lower risk of childhood leukemia. Further, as we look at the value of the foods we believe are healthy, we find that growing methods have an effect on the content of the vitamins and minerals. For instance, spinach grown organically has 97% more iron than conventionally grown spinach.

There is a lot to understand about what we may be doing wrong. But, the solution is simple. This section will show you how to heal and nourish through natural and organic foods, the value of phytochemicals, and the healing properties of antioxidants. You will find information on breast-feeding, organic foods, elimination diets for food allergies and sensitivities, and many inspiring stories. Knowing the vital nature of food and diet, you will have a host of new choices.

Supplements & Herbs

Herbs and natural remedies have been used as medicines for well over 2000 years. Now supplementing the diet is becoming even more important given the lack of nutritional value in conventionally grown foods. The typical American diet lacks essential elements like Fatty Acids (Omega-3), appropriate doses of vitamins like B-6, proper amino acid (protein) intake … to name a few. A Perdue University study showed that kids low in Omega-3 essential fatty acids are significantly more likely to be hyperactive, have learning disorders, and to display behavioral problems. A study conducted in 1979 found that high doses of Vitamin B-6 actually did a better job than Ritalin at reducing hyperactivity. Remember herbs and supplements are like medicine and should not be used carelessly. Naturopathic Physicians can determine what is right for your child. These pages discuss beneficial supplements and herbs for children as well as a variety of supplement therapies designed for a child’s individual physiology.

Alternative Health Practices

Many in the medical field and healing arts are realizing that innumerable children are not being cured, merely the symptoms are being treated.

Alternative health practices take a different approach. They look at each individual child to determine the causes of their problems, treating each one uniquely achieving lasting effective results.

This whole systems, holistic, approach may include using a variety of healing methods that compliment each other like Functional Medicine, Homeopathy, acupuncture, network chiropractic, flower remedies, and many more.

One, to make your child more comfortable and relieve symptoms.

Two, to help find alternatives to cure your child conditions.

Environmental Solutions

Toxic chemicals found in Schools, homes and pollution contribute to the toxic build-up in the human body.

Often the toxic level in the body exceeds the tolerance with which it can stand and the body begins to deteriorate and function abnormally.

By removing environmental toxins, we can minimize the toxic build-up in the body, optimizing health and well being.

For instance, some research shows that changing the lighting in the classroom from florescent to incandescent bulbs, improves the behavior of some hyperactive children dramatically.

Another example, low-level lead poisoning, found in nearly 1 million children in the United States, has been linked as the single greatest indicator of criminal behavior.

It is incredible to know that we can potentially reduce the crime rate by lowering high lead levels found in water, homes and the soil.

Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable agriculture uses crop rotation, crop diversification, natural pest control and fertilizer, as well as often following organic growing methods by using no genetically modified seed, no irradiation or sewage sludge.

By restoring health to the air, water and soil through sustainable agriculture, we can eliminate the use of billions of tons of man-made chemicals, which pollutes and poison humans, all other life on Earth, and Earth’s living systems.

The benefits of embracing sustainable agriculture are far ranging and many.

For instance, we could save the lives of the 1000 people who die every year of polluted groundwater partially from commercial farm run-off.

Further, by buying organic fruits and vegetables, we can better nourish our bodies as well as our soil.

These pages show how these methods provide healing to our bodies and the Earth, so we can inspire healthy living systems for our children and their children.

Turn It Off

The reality is that children live in a highly stimulated world, they are exposed to so much, so early. By turning it off, you improve your child’s creativity and attention span, as well as decrease their chances of becoming obese. Further, turning it off helps decrease the exposure to the mass media which influence children all to often with messages about unhealthy foods and products they don’t need. TV, video games, and computers have become an addiction for many children. Never before has the need for a re-vision been so important. These pages help you, as parents, to take on the challenge moving your children towards little or no TV, games, or computers. We offer 20 ideas of what to do when you “Turn it Off.”

New Parenting Skills

It would seem that childhood has almost become a disease. Children are exposed to adult subject matter like violence, sex and world problems, without having the psychological experience (and problem solving skills which come with experience) to deal with these issues.

Many educators, parents, and child experts say that today’s children are different, reporting an increased self-worth, awareness and independence.

New Teacher Skills /Successful Educational Models

Teachers deal with all the problems and illnesses facing today’s children day in and day out.

Unlike a parent with just one or two children at home, they have anywhere from 30 to 150 students daily.

The Camp Internet program represents a new way for teachers, in the classroom or in homeschool, to approach teaching.

Technology, on many levels, including Internet, Video and CD-ROM, represents dramatically improved tools for education. Often learning on the Net makes it possible for young people who are shy or who do not work well in the larger classroom setting to find their place and express their learning.

For Homeschools and community charter schools the Internet, and programs like Camp Internet represent an essential growth. Making a global library and tremendous resources available every day.

So - we see a lot of positive growth. A lot of International awareness and shared concern for the environment, for the plight of the poor and for the issue of major diseases such as AIDS.

You - as young adults - will take on these challenges and you alone can make the difference.

Knowing this we all can move beyond the depressing statistics and sometimes hopeless seeming environmental crisis and recornize that through good work, through discipline and ethical lives, we can make the essential difference.
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