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Peace Making and Conflict Resolution Classroom

Conflict Resolution - How to solve and resolve when there is conflict or disagreement
Unit 1 - Change - What Makes It Possible?
Unit 2 - Bullying - What Is It?
Unit 3 - Bullying - Why Study About It?
Unit 4 - Youth Dealing with Chrisis in daily life
Unit 5 - With all this talk of chrsis what about What is Happening that is Positive?
Unit 6 - Classroom Practice Sessions

Collaboration - working together - Examples of Classroom and Community Youth Team Work:
GIS Maps created by 4th - 12th grade students

Communication - learning to talk with one another and really hear what the other person says (the old word for it was Socratic Dialog).

Consensus as a Problem Solving Method

Conflict Management in Schools

Mediation - why and what is required?

Community - re-weaving the fabric of our traditional community

Family -

Youth Technology Corps - Take Part Now -

Learning to work in collaboration with other youth and adults to establish solid goals and crate real products via their web work the YTC ...
Peace Rally

Peace rally, took part to promote peace.

Peace March
People marching to promote peace

GIS Maps
GIS wharehouse, where you will find maps