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Reading and Writing Studies

There are many different ways to write. Some people write using pictures or symbols. You have studied Chinese and Egyptian writing and seen the use of pictures and symbols to create words and sentences.

Two types of writing we will study this year are "creative writing" and "technical writing".

Creative writing is when you write stories, poems and in other ways use words to creatively express your ideas or experiences.

We will define Technical writing as not only the kind of writing you do for the manual of a computer but also the kind of careful, logical writing you do for a book report, science report or history report.

Let's practice "technical writing" and explore what we have read this year. Take one to three pages and write the following:

1) List 2 to 5 books you have read during the past year: For your list write down Title, Author, year of Publication and subject.

2) List 10 words from each book with the correct definition for each word.

3) Write a brief description of each book .

4) Write a brief description of your opinion about the book.