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Preparing your Science Fair Project


  • 1. Selecting A Topic
    The first step in preparing a good science fair project is to select a topic for your project. Being the first 'hurdle' a student faces when starting a science fair project and they are often faced with quite a dilemma. Choosing a good project is a very important because is can make the difference between a good and excellent project. First of all, you should pick a topic you are interested in. Secondly, it doesn't have to be complicated. Students often select complicated projects and then end up not fully understanding the concepts or even giving up on the project. The Ideas page has a list of generic project ideas that can be either simplified or expanded upon to fit your needs.

    2. Research your Topic.
    After selecting your topic, learn everything about it. Books on your topic can most likely be found in your local library or bookstore. The best source for information is here on the internet. You can use the many search engines available to find information or try our Science Links page with a vast amount of links to various science related sites on the internet.

    3. Make A Plan
    Once you consider yourself an 'expert' about your topic, make a plan as to how you will conduct your experiment. Your plan should include the following:

    The purpose of your experiment

    The the variable(s) or the things that you are going to change during the experiment.

    Your Hypothesis or what you think the outcome of the project will be.

    A detailed procedure outlining how you will conduct the experimentation.

    4. Conduct the Experiments

    The next step is to follow the plan that you have written. While conducting the experiments make your you keep detailed notes on everything that you observe. You may even want to take pictures or make sketches of your observations. These notes are vital to your experiment because they are needed when you write your report and make your display.

    5. Analyze Your Results
    Once you are finished with the experiment, organize your notes. You may want to re-copy your notes so that they are more organized and can be easily understood by others. Then, analyze them. Ask yourself, what happened, did the results agree with your hypothesis, and so on. Make graphs and charts to represent the data to help you analyze it.

    6. Write A Report
    Write a detailed report about your project. Tell exactly what you did, how you did it, and what you discovered. Be sure you write all about your plan and your experiment. Include your data, and perhaps some charts and graphs to help readers interpret the information. Be sure you also include some of the background information you learned. For More information visit our Writing A Science Fair Report page.

    7. Make your Display
    The Display crucial to your success at the fair because it tells about your project. The display must be neat and well organized. It should include background information, the problem, your hypothesis, your procedure, your results, your conclusion, your report, and graphs and charts. You can also include photos or drawings of your experiments. For more information on creating your display, see our Display Hints page.

    8. Rehearse Your Presentation

    When you make your presentation to the judges, it is important that you are prepared and know what you are going to say before you have to say it. By rehearsing your presentation, you get an opportunity to 'work the bugs out' and become to feel comfortable talking about your project. You should start out rehearsing by yourself and then find volunteers to to be mock judges and present it to them. You will calmer and more composed on the science fair day if you are prepared and know what you are going to say.

    9. Do your BEST!
    At the science fair, try to be as calm and professional as possible. Know what you are talking about and be confident, you will do fine!!