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World History

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History has a lot to do with Time. It is the way we humans record the passage of time and the events which happen.

We will create a history timeline to begin class this year.

But where will the timeline begin?

There is more than one explanation which people give as to the Beginning of time. The Bible says that God created everything, including the Beginning of Time. A scientists named Darwin sought to re-define the "beginning" in is book "Origin of the Species". The Hopi and many other early people have their own stories which explain "the beginning".

For your first report this year list 3 different ways "creation" or "the beginning" is defined. Give examples and a paragraph for each.

World History Timeline Project

1) Create a history timeline

what times in history do you remember beginning at the beginning and working up to modern times.

2) Draw a Map of history by making 4 maps

MAP 1 should show how you think the world looked before historic times

MAP 2 should show how you think the world during the time of the Roman Empire.

MAP 3 should show how you think the world looked in the year 2001.

MAP 4 should show how you think the world will look a million years in the future.

Use the map on this page to give you a basic shape. You can also trace the continents, cut them out and then place them in different ways to make a full global map and to make a globe with different locations for the continents.