RAIN xDSL Info/Pricing

RAIN aDSL is available to residents and businesses within three miles of their local telephone company's Central Offices. Currently RAIN aDSL is available in most GTE serviced areas in Santa Barbara, Ventura, and Los Angeles counties. Customers will incur additional charges from GTE, in addition to their existing line charges, and may select from several service offerings below from RAIN. Three components differentiate the levels of service (Bronze - Platinum Plus); Download Speed, Upload Speed, and CIR (Committed Information Rate) which is the minimum transmission rate guaranteed by GTE.

Please check out this link off GTE's site to check for availability in your area before continuing. At this site please enter your ten digit phone number of the phone line you are interested in installing DSL service onto. If the link returns a 'Your line qualifies', or a 'Maybe' then there's a good chance that DSL will be available for you as further testing will be required by GTE. At this point you should contact GTE for further testing of your line. If the link returns a 'Sorry' then you will not be able to receive DSL for your particular phone line or area.

Click to goto GTE's line prequalifier

aDSL Service Level
  Downstream  Upstream  CIR** 
Bronze Plus*  768k  128k  10k 
Silver  384k  384k  32k 
Gold  768k  768k  64k 
Platinum  1.5M  768k  192k 
Platinum Plus  1.5M  768k  384k 
* "Bronze Plus uses RADSL (Rate Adaptive ADSL) which means the equipment will adapt your speed to the fastest working connection your line can produce, up to 768k on downloads and 128k on uploads."
**The CIR is the determinant factor in your connection to RAIN. CIR is the prioritization factor that determines usage in the GTE Wide Area Network (WAN) cloud that connects the end user to RAIN and the Internet. CIR is the minimum data transmission rate guaranteed by GTE - This differs from connection speed in that the transmission rate changes every millisecond based on WAN traffic patterns.

aDSL Features
Residential  Soho  Corporate 
  • 1 IP Address
  • 1 Email Account
  • 5 MB Web Space
  • 5 IP Addresses
  • 5 Email Accounts
  • 5 MB Web Space
  • IP's as needed
  • Premium Data Routing
  • DNS
  • Domain Registration
  • 5 MB Web Space

aDSL Pricing
  Residential  SOHO  Corporate 
Bronze Plus  $29  $95  $240 
Silver  $75  $120  $290 
Gold  $155  $240  $390 
Platinum  --  $580  $675 
Platinum Plus  --  --  $920 
Setup Fee  $60  $120  $240 

GTE aDSL Pricing
  NRC  Monthy  Yearly 
Bronze Plus  $60  $40  $32.50 
Silver  $60  $60  $53.00 
Gold  $60  $80  $68.00 
Platinum  $60  $120  $95.00 
Platinum Plus  $60  $250  $215.00 

All information may change without notice. Please call (805) 899-4695 for price and availability

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Original: Oct 21, 1999