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What is the prevalence of developmental and behavioral disorders in US children* 5-8%
The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends*
Formal developmental screening at every visit
Waiting to use validated tools until parents express concerns
Basing clinical decisions for further evaluation of development solely on milestone checklists
Developmental surveillance at every visit with periodic use of validated tools
Which of the following statements regarding current screening practice is true*
Most pediatricians report using standardized developmental screening tools in their well child care
Approximately one half of all parents report that their child's development has been assessed at some point
Most children's developmental needs are identified by clinician judgment alone before a child enters school
Parents typically report concerns about their children, regardless of prompting by the provider
When deciding to implement developmental screening into your pediatric practice, which of the following components are necessary*
A vision, a champion, and an operations strategy
A single office staff member responsible for distribution, scoring, and referrals
Immediate commitment to a specific tool
Unanimous provider/staff buy-in
The implementation of a validated screening tool leads to all of the following except*
Improvement of clinical care
Addition of structure to the interview
Increased parent satisfaction with their visit
Elimination of the provider
An implementation checklist *
Is generally not useful when setting up your office system
Can be found on this site and several others
Is only useful if a specific tool has already been chosen
Will guarantee that every implementation glitch will be avoided
Referral systems*
Are part of every screening tool
Might already exist in office practices
Will have to be changed once routine screening starts
Should be paper or electronic but not both
Billing for validated screening*
Is never reimbursed
Is consistent across states and insurers
Is an issue the American Academy of Pediatrics addresses
Is included within evaluation and management, rather than a separate service
Four-year-olds identified with developmental concerns in need of evaluation and treatment*
Have the right to be evaluated through the public school system
Should be assessed by Early Intervention since they are too young for school services
Must see a pediatric sub-specialist since no state or federally funded service sees this age group
Usually have autism
Staff tend to be resistant to change. Which of the following was NOT a common concern endorsed by providers*
Dislike of algorithm-directed referrals
Impression that existing identification methods are adequate
Feeling that the tool would be too difficult to score
Lack of time to implement an additional procedure
In Sierra Vista Family Medical Clinic's experience parent completion of the survey*
Generated substantial parent complaints
Occurred for about 80% of patients
Only worked if the survey was completed at the end of the visit
Usually required staff reading the questions to them
After several months of routine developmental screening providers at Las Islas Family Medical Clinic reported all of the following except *
Reviewing the survey takes too much time
Greater confidence in their ability to screen for developmental and behavioral issues
Identified concerns that would not have been mentioned without the structure of the survey
Successful increase in the use of regular validated screening