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Influenza A (H1N1) 2009 Update
Revised Testing Algorithm

Please read and distribute the following information from Ventura County Public Health Lab Director, Brett Austin:

Per guidance from the CDC and the State, we are revising our testing algorithm.

Future specimen acceptance will be limited due to the California Department of Public Health requests that testing be limited to prioritized patients as follows:
  • Hospitalized patients with ILI
  • Direct health care providers with ILI
  • Outpatients with ILI in the following categories should be prioritized for testing:
  • First case with ILI in a high-risk setting for transmission (e.g., prison, homeless shelter)
  • Patient is part of an outbreak or cluster of people with ILI (only one patient of the cluster needs lab testing. Specimens can be collected from >2 patients to increase the likelihood of detecting Influenza A.

    Click here to download the lab submittal form for definitions of ILI and prioritization criteria.

    Please communicate to your providers that ALL information is required to properly prioritize specimens