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Oceans Studies @ Camp Internet

Welcome to the Oceans Studies class.

We will explore many parts of our Oceans this year. Beginning with Coastal ecology we will progres onto special studies into the California Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary and then onto Deep Ocean research and study.

As we learn and gather data we will build a new GIS map during the year. Take some time to study the Camp Internet GIS map library. Check out the field trips to the Islands on the Camp GIS map and look into the Oceans and Islands GIS maps. This year you will help to create a new map just like the ones you see in the Library.

Click here to vist the GIS mapping Library.

As we explore Ocean Studies many questions will come up in class about the sustainability of our Oceans. How far has pollution gone? What are your thoughts as you begin the class? What will your thoughts be at the completion of your Oceans studies this year?


Deep Ocean Studies

Channel Islands Marine Science class


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Dr.Jim Childress, Discusses Deep Sea Life.

Ed Cassano, Channel Islands Marine Sanctuary