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Channel Soundings
Public question and comment form for the Sustainable Seas Expedition

Please complete as many of these questions or comment areas as possible, and submit to Camp Internet. The camp in turn will chart public input for use by the Sustainable Seas Expedition student summit as a source of public input. If you provide your full street address, you will have the option to be placed on the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary mailing list to receive related newsletter publications.

If you need assistance in answering these questions, many of the answers are available online in the Camp Internet program called "Explore the California Channel Islands" accessible from this form.

Age group:
Elementary School
Middle School
High School

Email address
Street Address
City / State / Zip
Name of School
City and State of School

What are the names of the five northern California Channel Islands that form the basis for the boundaries of the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary?

What animals, birds and sea creatures do you know of that live on and around the Channel Islands ?

Name the types of people who have lived on these islands:

How are the islands used today?

What maritime, commercial, and industrial activities take place in the waters surrounding these islands?

What types of recreational activities take place in the Channel waters ?

What potential dangers to the safety of the marine or human life in the Channel waters are you aware of?

Which of these groups of people has a role and a responsibility for protecting the Channel waters as a safe, healthy, natural resource?

Local government agencies
State government
Federal government
Channel Islands National Park
Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary
Oil industry companies
Commercial shipping companies
Recreational divers and fishermen
Commercial fishermen
Environmental organizations
University researchers
Citizens who live near the rivers and
streams that empty into the Channel
Companies that operate near or on the
rivers and streams that empty into the Channel

What would you like to see be the future of
the Channel Islands Marine Sanctuary for your grandchildren?

What research projects would you like to see scientists and historians undertake to benefit public understanding of the Channel waters and islands ?

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