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The Internet Business YELLOW PAGAES

TradeNet's Internet Business Yellow Pages provides a low cost, effective way to advertise your business within the tri-county region, nationally or internationally.

Cost is $150 for upto 6 months of full color, 3 page advertisements on the Internet Business Yellow Pages. I've heard about the Internet - tell me how to take part in the Official Internet Yellow Pages. The Yellow Pagaes has a monthly readership of 100,000 +.

TradeNet runs Transaction Secure Software.

TradeNet can provide you with complete demographics from your web - and more -

TradeNet provides Internet connectivity and World Wide Web marketing and advertising for Business Owners, making it possible to place your business on the National and Global Market Place.

At a Price you can afford

With over 100,000 visitors a month to our TradeNet site your business quickly becomes visible to a large market and RAIN sees to it that people out on the Internet know you are here.

No need to have computer experts in your Company. TradeNet is a total solution to getting your Company up and out on the Global Internet. From Design to world wide marketing to sales and lead tracking to mailing out requested information, RAIN can provide you the service that makes getting on the Internet a reality, now.

What Kind of Marketing Services does RAIN offer? Click here to find out.

Do you want Frame Relay, ISDN or a dedicated line for your business? Click here to find out cost. TradeNet can take your business from a dedicated dialup line to a T1 depending on your needs. Our Frame Relay servers nearly all of Southern California.

Already know what you want for Internet Marketing. Click here, leave a message and we'll be in touch with you tomorrow.

Getting your busines onto the Internet with TradeNet is easy. Doing Business effectively is another story. TradeNet provides not only a team of extraordinary Web designers to help you create your Internet Company image, we also backup that image with a package of marketing and sales tracking services that focuses your first Internet experience on results, not just the glamor of the Internet. TradeNet works in partnership with several agencies that can help make results the bottom line of how you evaluate your web site. Ask us about e-mail and web form database services and our special service that takes care of mailing your catalog or information brochure out when the requests come in.

When you're ready to get down to business, TradeNet is ready to put your business on the Net and show you how to use that new marketplace for effective business growth.

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