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Developmental Screening Conference 2009
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The MedMall Journal Developmental Screening Conference 2009 FASD Workshop September 2008

MedMall Abroad

Landon Pediatrics, First 5 Ventura County and RAIN Internet bring you full coverage of the 2009 Developmental Screening Conference

Click here to watch full videos and podcasts of the conference.

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Workshop held in September 2008.

Watch videos of numerous doctors on the topic of FASD, its effects and how to prevent it.
Timely Get Moving Interviews Developmental Screening &
Autism Seminar
Developmental Screening

The built environment - can we control it?
Is it killing us?
Landon Pediatrics & Ventura First Five
Developmental Screening & Autism Seminar video.

Watch the full seminar here.

Watch Developmental Screening videos here, with information on new programs and technology.
Poetry - Inspiration CME Videos MedMall Online Video

Exploring the meter inherent in every breath.

Watch Continuing Medical Education videos here.

Get Moving TV Online hears from two parents with children diagnosed with autism. Are co-morbidities the key? Are parents listened to when they know their child is different?

(Sponsored by First Five)
Technology Sick Days Pandemic Flu

Get Moving TV host exposes some new technology to the hostess of Schmooze With Suze.

The PDC Practice Based Research Network will be working to decrease the devastating impact of childhood diabetes by working closely with the schools. Listen in on this up to date discussion exploring technology, patient privacy, and the practical difficulties of putting technology to work.

- Pandemic Flu Video Collection -

Learn about the Flu here.