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Alternative Autism Treatments
Artificial Arms
Asthma Free
Autism Epidemic
Brain Ball

CLP - Landon
CLP - Nurse Specialists
CLP - Oral Surgery
CLP - Patient Interview
CLP - Speech Path

The Creator
FASD Developmental Screening Sminar

FASD Workshop - Drug Court
FASD Workshop - Ed Riley
FASD Workshop - Leslie Lynn
FASD Workshop - Paul Russel

Wicked Girls on Get Moving TV
Oxnard Regional Center Tour
Maternal Depression
Airway Clearance

Autism and the Family - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

Impact of Chronic Illness on the Family
In Your Mind
GetMoving Intro
Get Moving Ventura!
Joy - Inspiration
Not Billed For
Breast is Better
Breast is Best
Great Strides
Fly through reconstruction of CT bronchiectasis
Novel end point
First Five Developmental Screening and Autism Seminar
Claudia Harrison
Genetic Autism
Hensen Developmental Screening
Hospital Specialists
Losing A Baby
Interactive Discussion

Developmental Screening Conference 2009
First 5 Ventura Table Greetings
Ventura Public Health Table Greetings
Introduction from Dr. Chris Landon
Introduction from Ventura First 5
William Goldie 1
William Goldie 2
Deborah Thurber
Rachelle Tyler 1
Rachelle Tyler 2
Rachelle Tyler 3
Rachelle Tyler 4
Rachelle Tyler 5
Panel Discussion 1
Panel Discussion 2
Panel Discussion 3
Paul Russell 1
Paul Russell 2
Anne Baltzer 1
Anne Baltzer 2
Community Round Table 1
Community Round Table 2
Community Round Table 3

Pandemic Flu 1
Pandemic Flu 2
Pandemic Flu 3
Pandemic Flu 4
Pandemic Flu - Special Edition

A Placental Garden
Reach Out and Read
Sick Days
TCRC Developmental Screening
Torri Autism
Dental Varnish CME Video
Handling Emergencies
The Life Shirt
Co-Pilot and COSMO
Two Tech
Wyatt Health Hero
Health Hero
Permanent Connections
One is the Loneliest Number
Helping Out
Kid and Families Together
Living With Cystic Fibrosis
If Only Their Reality - Ventilator Dependence
Ventilation Pandemic
Pediatric Hospitalist

Get Moving TV Interview - Lepore - Part 1
Get Moving TV Interview - Lepore - Part 2
Get Moving TV Interview - Polst

Mentoring Foster Parents
Dr. Brach Pediatric Oncology at VCMC
Living On a Ventilator
A Dental Perspective on Sleep Apnea Treatment