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Camp Internet's Summer 1999 Teacher Training Workshop at
Anacapa Island

As part of RAIN's Camp Internet Summer 1999 Teacher Training Workshop, the teachers met at the Channel Islands National Park headquarters at the Ventura Harbor, where they were briefed about the weeks events before embarking on an exploratory trip to Anacapa Island. Island Packers naturalist Jean Scholes gave the tour of the Island, complete with talks about island life and history, and a marine life "Creature Feature" presentation. Below is some footage from this fun and exciting event.

Footage of a brief navigation lesson given by Island Packers on the way over to Anacapa Island

Plant and Animal life on Anacapa Island

The origins of some of the buildings on Anacapa

More about the bird life on Anacapa Island

Pinnipeds and the human impact on the marine ecosystem

Midden sites and Chumash life on Anacapa Island

The "Creature Feature" marine life presentation