Sustainable Seas Expedition
The Sustainable Seas Expedition is an exciting undersea exploration project being launched in 1999 by the National Geographic Society, in conjunction with the U.S. National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration ( NOAA), and has been likened to the Lewis and Clark Expedition that mapped the breadth of the North American continent. In comparison, SSE will be exploring never-before-seen depths of the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans during visits with submersibles to the U.S. National Marine Sanctuary system. RAIN serves as an interpretive services 'Outpost' for this project

Sustainable Seas Expeditions - A National Geographic video  
RAIN interviews Julie Goodson of CINMS about SSE        
Dr. Sylvia Earle talks about the Sustainable Seas Expeditions        
Ed Cassano of CINMS talks about the Sustainable Seas Expeditions        
Dr. Sylvia Earle and Ed Cassano discuss partnerships and SSE on Anacapa Island      
Dr. Sylvia Earle at the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum openhouse explaining SSE    
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