About The Visit

Video of the talk by Tek, from the Maya K'iche community of Los Cimientos, Chajul, Guatemala.

- Tek spoke to a group of youth meeting through a program with the Cities of Peace project, at the Santa Barbara High School GreenHouse. Michael Marzolla, 4-H Youth Development Advisor, was host for the meeting.

- Tek spoke of his Grandfather, of how he was taught the ways of healing and how to take care of the Earth. He spoke of his peoples struggle to survive and comments come up during the videos that show many similarities to live in todays America.

- This is the email that was sent prior to his visit:

The Los Cimientos Alliance is a humanitarian organization with non-profit status pending. We serve the Maya K'iche people living in 7 villages in Guatemala. Our work is focused specifically on the peaceful efforts of the community of Los Cimientos to regain their legally owned land. These Elders are an inspiration in the art of conflict resolution, steadfast determination and living the truth of oneÝs spiritual tradition. We deeply appreciate the opportunity to share the story of this courageous community with you. Mission statement: The Mayan Connection-Los Cimientos Alliance is dedicated to the empowerment and survival of the Maya KÝiche people of Los Cimientos, Guatemala. We are a cooperative partnership between people in the United States and the Council of Priests and Elders of Los Cimientos, the elected leaders of the village, working together to protect, preserve and enrich the lives, land and culture of this Maya KÝiche community. The Alliance focuses its energy on developing support for the work of the Los Cimientos Council of Priests and Elders to preserve Sacred Mayan Traditions that provide reverent protection for the environment and encourage the healing of inter- ethnic relationships between the KÝiche and Ixil people living near Chajul in El Quiche. Our mission includes empowering the leadership role of the women of Los Cimientos by generating food and resources requested by the WomenÝs Committee to sustain the village as it establishes an infrastructure for health care, educational facilities, micro-enterprise projects and ecologically responsible economic development that reflects the Mayan values long honored in this Maya KÝiche community. The families of Los Cimientos remember when Rigoberta Menchu and her father would come to visit their village when she was a child. The people of Los Cimientos shared, day by day, the tragic nightmare that Rigoberta Menchu brought to international awareness. They also share the vision of the long hoped for Mayan New Dawn. The Los Cimientos Alliance is pure grass roots. A traditional Mayan community, speaking the KÝiche language, with only a couple village people able to speak Spanish well enough to share the story of their struggle for survival with the international world; and a woman with hope of being a pebble in the pond for peace in Guatemala. Together we are learning grant proposal writing, accounting, computer skills and non-profit management. With all good fortune, we will succeed in becoming a vital element in a promising Mayan future. For The Right of A People to Live, Francia Ala International Coordinator The Mayan Connection-Los Cimientos Alliance


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