Welcome to GAIA WEB. The Resource Clearinghouse for RAIN Network's Women's Internet Council.

The Mission of WIC is to establish a point of presence for Women working with the Internet. Recognizing the new Global Culture being facilitated by the Internet, WIC works to help establish a new paradigm that will allow the Internet to be a truly Global Community not dominated by one gender or one racial/social or economic group. We are birthing a new culture, one focused on communication and sharing between citizens of GAIA. Many changes in the way we do business as well as the way we view family, education, art and community, will take place as we see this new Global Culture come into being. This Clearinghouse will give you a place to share and refine the empowering resources created through the Internet.

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New Womens Resource Web.

WWWomen.com - the leading Directory to Womens Resources.

The Electra Pages.

Great Women's Business web - Advancing Women .com

NOW - The National Organization for Women.

Web-Ster's Net-Work

The Female Equation

Womens Resources on the Internet

Meta-Index to Womens Resources on the Net.

Women's Studies Homepage - University of Antwerp.

FinWeb - Financial Web Center.

Employment Resource Center.

the ADA Project - Resources for Women in Computing - Yale University.

Let us know your ideas and suggestions for additional sites. If you are part of a Women's organization or Women's run business let us know and we'll help establish a GAIA WEB site for you.

Web Site prepared by Aquila Tyndall aquila@rain.org. If you have resources to add or articles to submit or leave a note here.

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